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Network AI Performance Monitoring

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Network AI enables you to pinpoint issues and make changes in real-time, so you can spend your time making your network better instead of simply functional. Move from reactive to proactive in three simple steps.

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Digital Transformation

The NetSpyGlass platform provides the NetOps 2.0 foundation needed to enable digital transformation, dynamic networks and resilience.

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Network Programmability

NetSpyGlass offers full custom monitoring and alerting, as well as the embedding of business-specific logic in the workflow.

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Device-Level Visibility

We offer complete multi-vendor device coverage for a wide range of applications including SD-WAN, firewalls, load balancers, voice, wireless and more.

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We can manage thousands of devices, hundreds of thousands of interfaces and millions of metrics per second.

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Network Automation

All variables and alerts are fully programmable and can perform functions automatically like troubleshooting.

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Business Insight

The NetSpyGlass platform is capable of delivering insight to the business based on complex business logic and time-series telemetry data.

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Synthetic Variables

These computed variables can be fed back into the data pipeline for enhanced visibility

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Program, View & Scale

Network AI offers Python apps to address operational needs via Server Query Language or API.

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Operational Metrics

Network interface statistics, BGP rates, environmental parameters, LAG state, device operational parameters, and more.

Airgap Built-in Discovery & Visibility

Network AI 360° network view

Network AI service is the only complete and customizable solution that ensures the highest level of network availability and helps customers meet or beat their committed service levels.

Built by operators for operators

The only solution that ffers a COMBINATION of visibility, scripting, the ability to add data from all computed variables back into the data pipeline on the platform itself, and internet-className scalability

Airgap Built-in Discovery & Visibility
  • Cloud-Based PlatformRuns on popular clouds like AWS & Azure.
  • Linux Based AgentA linux-based agent which deploys within your infrastructure from a Web browser.
  • No Dedicated HardwareDebian and CentOS-based Linux and can be hosted on a virtual machine (VM) or a shared machine.
  • Broad Device SupportNetwork AI supports common vendors such as: A10, Arista, APC etc and any security device that generates SNMP traffic.

Solve difficult problems

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Automate Performance Monitoring

Network AI offers automation at scale for the enterprise network— fully automating all major data gathering, processing, storage and reporting.

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Cure Alert Fatigue

Network AI allows you to customize alerts to raise issues only for the alerts that impact your business goals, saving time and reducing load on your system.

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Simplify Network Operations

Network AI can ingest multiple network telemetry sources to get the job done without human supervision.

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