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Ransomware Kill Switch™
Secure Asset Access
Zero Trust Isolation™
Why Airgap

Agentless Network Segmentation

Stop ransomware propagation with a comprehensive Zero Trust segmentation solution for your Cloud Workloads, Data Centers, and the Factories.

Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attacks

Kaseya VSA Ransomware Attacks

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Introducing Agentless Zero Trust Isolation

Prevent threat propagation even if your perimeter has been breached or you have unpatched servers.

Trust is often breached

Traditional security controls allow excessive trust between corporate assets. Devices on shared networks (VLANs) can freely communicate and static firewall / VPN policies grant network access to the application stack. This means, once the threat has landed inside your network, it is free to expand across devices and applications. We all know what happens next!

Year to date ransomware damage

51% organizations were hit by ransomware in last 12 months. That is 1⁄2 of Fortune 5000 Companies
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How Ransomware Cripples Organizations?



Infect one device and use it as a launchpad



Infect other devices and business applications



Mass encrypt data and steal intellectual property

Zero Trust Isolation Platform

The best defense against ransomware

Eliminate lateral threat propagation
Eliminate lateral threat propagation
Prevent application & data breaches
Protect legacy insecure protocols

Eliminate lateral threat propagation

Don’t let one infected device bring down the enterprise


Prevent application & data breaches

Prevent threats from propagating to your business applications


Protect legacy insecure protocols

Don’t let legacy protocols put your organisation at risk

Endpoint isolation prevents lateral threat movement

Agentless zero trust isolation employs network-based approach to eliminate unauthorized communication and protect all corporate devices. Easy and automated policy management ensures safe onboarding.

Why Airgap?

Total Protection

The world’s first Agentless Zero Trust Isolation Platform

Threat lands and expands to other devices as well as your business applications. Airgap ensures protection for your enterprise by confining the threat to a single device.

Easy Deployment

Zero Trust Isolation in minutes not months

Deploy with ease. No agents, APIs, design changes, or forklift upgrades. Airgap’s standards-based solution interoperates with all your current deployments.

Phased Migration

Airgap your networks and applications at your convenience

Your business is your business. There is no wholesale commit to Airgap. Migrate one network, one user, or one application at a time to Airgap and ensure seamless transition to a secure infrastructure.

Zero Trust Isolation – Without Agents

Up and running in minutes, not months

No Agents or APIs

Works for all devices

No Forklift Upgrades

100% interoperable

No Design Changes

Everything remains in-place

Standards Based

No custom overlay protocols

Strategic Migration

One Network or one app at a time

Enterprise Grade

High Availability architecture

Airgap helps implement comprehensive Zero Trust in minutes without the need for agents, APIs, or forklift upgrades. The patent pending Zero Trust Isolation™ platform assures threat propagation protection.

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