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Airgap Ransomware Kill Switch for Education

Academic Licensing

Airgap Networks' ‘Ransomware Kill Switch’ (RKS) Academic Program is a comprehensive and complimentary SaaS licensing program designed specifically for K-12 and higher education institutions. The annual subscription fee is waived from October 2020 to Oct 2021, enabling qualifying academic users in the U.S. to have easy access to cutting-edge ransomware defense solutions with patent-pending RKS technology and resources.

Airgap Networks’ RKS Academic Program supports the use of hosted and SaaS services for on premises and online campus networks. Applications are provided at no cost, with participating departments being responsible for covering the program’s operational costs as well as support and services.

General Eligibility

Accredited education institutions offering K-12, 3 or 4 year degree programs (or equivalent) are eligible to participate in the program

Technical schools offering accredited degrees through distance education programs are also eligible to participate in the program

Participation in the program is typically on a departmental basis, such as the Computer Science or the Electrical Engineering department, though campus subscription is alternatively available to cover multiple departments.

With your annual departmental subscription fee for support and service you will receive:

Airgap Networks’ provides every participating organization with access to a management portal that provides authorized users with the self-service capability to manage campus network security policies and enforcement.

Complimentary ($1) licenses to Airgap Networks’ RKS software are updated automatically from the self-service management portal.

The free licenses are 6 month evaluation licenses that require one-time installation assistance from the Airgap support team. Pricing on this site is exclusively available through an agreement between your academic institution and Airgap Networks.