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Ransomware Kill Switch™

Ever wondered why all gas stations have an “Emergency Shut-off” switch? It is because the gas station owners realize that this switch will be a lifesaver someday. No one hopes or plans to use it but when in need, this may turn into your best friend.

Organizations have realized that, once your perimeter is breached, the ransomware spreads like a wildfire and the SecOps teams have started asking for an emergency kill switch to prevent the spread of ransomware. In the absence of a credible solution, the SecOps team mostly relies on a bunch of scripts to manipulate the entire infrastructure. The process takes hours, is cumbersome, error-prone, and often buggy.

Introducing Ransomware Kill Switch

Based on popular demand from our customers, Airgap Networks realized that a Ransomware Kill Switch in the organization may come handy when your infrastructure is under a ransomware attack.

What does Ransomware Kill Switch (RKS) protect?

By blocking lateral propagation of the ransomware, the RKS protects all devices inside your organization

By blocking access to windows file-share, AD, storage, and backup services, RKS ensures your key resources are protected when you are under attack

By blocking access from your servers to mission-critical services such as ERP, CRM, etc, the RKS ensures that your employee and customer’s data is protected


Ransomware Kill Switch can be deployed in minutes. Don’t be caught without an emergency shut off valve. Contact us today to learn more and get started. [email protected]

Airgap helps implement comprehensive Zero Trust in minutes without the need for agents, APIs, or forklift upgrades. The patent pending Zero Trust Isolation™ platform assures threat propagation protection.

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