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Airgap Named as the Hot Company Remote Workforce Security

Global Infosec Award 2022 recognizes Airgap’s Universal Zero Trust Security for hybrid work and distributed applications


Airgap Networks (https://airgap.io), the innovative company building solutions for preventing lateral movement of Ransomware is named the winner of Hot Company Remote Workforce Security. The prestigious 10th annual Global Infosec Award event is held in San Francisco. The Award committee recognizes Airgap Networks for its extraordinary innovation in enabling Zero Trust secure user access in campus networks and remote workforces, also known as their Universal ZTNA solution.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is the new standard for enterprise security. Its superpower lies in its ability to provide authenticated and authorized access to enterprise assets independent of a given network. This Zero Trust approach of authenticating all transactions significantly mitigates if not eliminates lateral threat movement across the enterprise.

Ritesh Agrawal, CEO and Co-founder of Airgap Networks
“Hybrid work is creating a new challenge for organizations as security platforms fork between remote work, campus, and branch environments. Airgap extends ZTNA technology to campus networks with the unified zero-trust policy, enhanced visibility, and SaaS licensing. Eliminating duplicate resources significantly reduces operational complexity and expense for the IT organizations”

Airgap’s Universal ZTNA solution is designed to deliver a consistent experience across the enterprise regardless of location through a unified management plane coupled with its patented zero trust policy engines. Airgap’s platform also eliminates the inconsistency of maintaining policies in multiple places and the need for separate management products.

The awards list announced on June 6, 2022 can be found in the 10th annual RSA Conference special edition of Cyber Defense Magazine and at the website https://www.cyberdefenseawards.com.

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About Airgap Networks Based in Santa Clara, Calif., Airgap Networks delivers a Universal Zero Trust Segmentation platform that ringfences every endpoint and prevents lateral ransomware movement. Airgap’s unique and patented Ransomware Kill Switch™ is the most potent response against ransomware threats. To learn more about Airgap and its offerings, please contact [email protected].