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Airgap Networks Launches ThreatGPT to Protect Operational Technology Environments with AI/ML Technologies

May 3, 2023

San Jose, California – Airgap Networks, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, has announced the launch of ThreatGPT, an advanced AI/ML model designed to protect operational technology (OT) environments from cyber threats.

OT environments are particularly vulnerable to cyber threats due to their unique architecture and reliance on legacy systems. The integration of AI/ML technologies into cybersecurity solutions has become increasingly important for organizations to stay ahead of evolving threats. ThreatGPT is specifically designed to analyze security-related data in OT environments and identify potential security threats.

“OT environments present unique challenges in cybersecurity due to their complexity and reliance on legacy systems. ThreatGPT is a game-changer for organizations looking to secure their OT environments,” said Ritesh Agrawal, CEO of Airgap. “By leveraging the power of AI/ML technologies, ThreatGPT can quickly and accurately identify potential threats, providing organizations with valuable insights to prevent security breaches and mitigate their impact.”

ThreatGPT is available as part of the Airgap Agentless Microsegmentation solution, which segments every OT endpoint into a network of “1”. From this position of deep visibility into all OT traffic flows, Airgap captures all data passing through the network and sends it to the Airgap’s Advanced AI/ML framework for analysis. This framework employs a range of advanced AI/ML models and OpenAI’s APIs, offering a diverse set of analytical capabilities that can be leveraged to identify potential security threats.

ThreatGPT uses a combination of graph databases and GPT-3 models to provide even more powerful cybersecurity insights. GPT-3 models can analyze natural language queries to identify potential security threats, while graph databases can provide contextual information on traffic relationships between endpoints.

With natural language queries, security operators can ask questions in plain English, simplifying the query process and enabling a wider range of staff members to participate in security monitoring and incident response.

“ThreatGPT is a significant addition to our cybersecurity solutions, particularly for organizations operating in OT environments. The integration of AI/ML technologies with data collected from endpoints and servers on a network can provide valuable security insights that help organizations stay ahead of cybersecurity threats,” said Ritesh Agrawal.

About Airgap

About Airgap Networks (https://airgap.io)

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Airgap is the innovation leader in delivering OT network security. Our agentless microsegmentation solution lets customers isolate every OT endpoint, authenticate every transaction, and surgically stop ransomware propagation. Go from a patchwork of vulnerable legacy devices and applications to a fully segmented Zero Trust network in only a few hours. Airgap’s patented solution requires no agents, no APIs, no VLAN re-addressing, and no changes to firewalls.

For more information about ThreatGPT, please visit airgap.io