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Zero Trust Segmentation

More Than Just Segmentation

Lateral threat movement typically starts with an infection or credential compromise. Airgap’s zero trust segmentation in enterprise networks dynamically enables fine-grained security policies, bolsters individual workload isolation and protection, and controls the attack surfaces with the innovative agentless approach

Offload IT Overhead

Agent-based segmentation is proven not scaleable or error-prone as it is designed for more static and predictable datacenter environments and a poor fit for the dynamic on-demand needs of a public cloud environment.

Airgap Agentless Segmentation features:

Reduces oversight on keeping the agent current and up-to-date, or IT resources on troubleshooting any connectivity issues

Acts as the first hop in the your packet to enforce consistent and dynamic policy enforcement

Scale across hundreds or thousands of instances or virtual machines across dozens of VPCs

Secure critical resources and applications with confidence

Airgap Zero Trust Segmentation is in-line with full visibility and control over entire network traffic flow. It can eliminate unauthorized lateral movement and know your security hygiene at all time. Ringfencing every single IP devices (IT/OT/IOT) gives you granular control needed to contain breaches with our patented Ransomware Kill Switch technology.

Cloud-native security platform with cloud-agnostic policy automation

Managing security and compliance in a cloud-agnostic SaaS platform is the dream comes true for many IT professionals. It is important not only for hybrid cloud workloads but also for multi-cloud deployments. Airgap Zero Trust Isolation platform is not tied exclusively to one particular cloud platform.

Anywhere Agentless Zero Trust Segmentation Solution Brief

Airgap Agentless Zero Trust Isolation platform inherently simplifies network segmentation with granular context-based policy enforcement to secure your attack surfaces. From enterprise entities to remote sites, the single cloud-delivered SaaS platform with distributed and elastic isolation gateways secures your workloads across the Clouds.

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