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Zero Trust Isolation Platform

The cloud-native agentless micro-segmentation platform designed to contain, profile and stop any lateral attempts of any threats.

Protect Against Cyber Warfare with Zero Trust Isolation
There is no way to know for certain when and what shape a cyber-attack may be initiated, but deploying zero trust without implicit trust and understanding C&C communication behaviors can reduce the attack surface to the minimal impact against what we expect to come.

Business Needs

Endpoint to enterprise Ransomware protection and always-on autonomous segmentation

Isolate all systems as they are infected

Enforce Intra VLAN policies using autonomous profiling and grouping to stop lateral threat movement and the ability to remove the infected systems from any shared or connected networks at any time.

Ensure robust network segmentation between IT and OT

Limit the ability of adversaries to pivot to the OT network even if the IT network is compromised.

Non-stop segmenting and zero false positives

Ensure ICS networks can be isolated if the connections create risks to the safe and reliable OT process.
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Use Cases
Migrating Fortune 500 manufacturing to modern agentless segmentation
Find out why static access controls cannot keep up the speed of attacks and why Airgap zero trust isolation can stop threats in their own tracks.

How it works

One platform, segmenting everywhere

Stop Lateral Threat Propagation

Ransomware and malware continue to wreak havoc across all industries. A single infected device on a trusted network can propagate ransomware and bring down an entire network in seconds.

Airgap's Zero Trust Isolation protects against ransomware spread by isolating devices in a ring-fence. By default, they cannot communicate with each other. This eliminates lateral threat propagation.

Zero Trust Isolation is agentless, making it the industry's only platform that provides these protections on all devices (managed or unmanaged), regardless of whether they are on corporate or public networks.

How it works?

Implement Zero Trust for workforce, workloads, devices, networks, and data



Zero Trust Isolation provides visibility for all traffic flows, including authorized and unauthorized communications, between all devices in a shared VLAN.
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Ransomware Kill Switch

Zero Trust Isolation also enables the Ransomware Kill Switch, which instantly shuts down all lateral traffic when ransomware is detected on the network.
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Autonomous Policy Framework

Zero Trust Isolation auto-enforces business policies as devices enter and leave the network with autonomous policy controls.
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Secure Asset Access

Reduce the attack surface on enterprise private applications by eliminating network level access. And add additional security with mandatory SSO and MFA for any user, any device, from any location.
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Zero Trust Isolation Unleashed
The Unleashed ebook is for anyone who wants to learn about agentless segmentation in depth, understanding how Zero Trust Isolation features truly work.
Ready to see us in action
Ready to see us in action?
Prevent lateral threat movement and stop ransomware propagation by ringfencing every endpoint. Protect high value assets and mission critical infrastructure.
Ready to see us in actionReady to see us in actionReady to see us in action