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Simplified, Non-disruptive Zero Trust Protection

From trucks to tractors to tankers, transportation companies must comply with strict security guidelines. Developing security postures and meeting various global standards aimed at protecting customer data, PII, PCI, employee information requires a framework for managing essential infrastructure and safeguarding logistical data interchange within heterogeneous systems.

Think Like a Submariner to Stop Ransomware

Zero Trust Initiatives

Transportation IT leaders frequently turn to zero-trust or least-privilege security strategies in deploying network segmentation to limit the spread of breaches and meet global regulatory requirements.

Real-Time Security Posture

Administering the many different networks and application infrastructures involved in transportation and supply chain operations demands considerable expertise, time, and other resources, especially as security must be guaranteed. Airgap’s cloud-delivered segmentation-as-a-service applies and routes consistent in-house policies where you need them, eliminating ransomware’s ability to spread. This dramatically simplifies defense-in-depth actions with real-time identity-based application and network segmentation based on the zero-trust principle.

Automated threat protection

Discover threats and malicious activity sooner. Block threats in real-time, And automatically isolate infected hosts to minimize business disruption and prevent data loss.

Delivery Without Compromise

Airgap's unique advantage is agentless and guarantees secure access to all resources, regardless of location, with zero implicit trust.