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AI-powered threat detection and response for critical infrastructure

Introducing Airgap ThreatGPT™

Improve threat intelligence with the world's most natural language interface

Detect and respond to advanced threats

Perfectly microsegment what agent-based solutions can't, like hospital equipment, headless machines, and IoMT.

Deep insights into every OT traffic flow

ThreatGPT uses a combination of graph databases and GPT-3 models to provide powerful cybersecurity insights

Accurate, contextual anomaly detection

ThreatGPT easily integrates contextual information such as user identity and device type for accurate detection and fewer false positives

Deep insights into every OT traffic flow

Easily identify potential security vulnerabilities with minimal training. Ask questions in plain English for actionable insights.

Enhanced threat detection and response

Take full advantage of Airgap’s visibility into every OT traffic flow. Quickly identify potential vulnerabilities in your OT networks and take proactive measures to prevent security incidents. Fully integrated with Airgap Agentless Microsegmentation for detection and enforcement.

Create security policies with ease

Airgap ThreatGPT enables security operators to create security policies for organizations using plain English. With natural language queries, security operators can create policies more efficiently without requiring complex syntax or programming languages.

Integrated AI and ML threat detection and response

ThreatGPT is fully integrated into the Airgap threat intelligence suite. Granularly block communication to or from any endpoint when under attack with minimum impact to business continuity. AI/ML monitoring, pattern recognition, and alerts for early detection and effective response.

We went from the first meeting, to becoming a customer, to microsegmenting our entire footprint in just under a week. That is unheard of.

Guido Solares,
Director, Information Security and Compliance, Tillys