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Segment and Secure Sensitive PII Assets without Agents.

Control who can sees your customer, employee, and vendor data, when they can access it, where they can view it, and what they can do with it based on any combination of identity, workload, application, and compliance policies. Build and enforce your own fine-grained data access control using Airgap’s modern zero-trust isolation platform.

Cloud-First Transformation. Anywhere.

Contextual security observability
Contextual security observability
Gain total visibility into user, device, network, and application activity across hybrid and heterogeneous workloads. Visualize operation risks with contextual access and traffic analytics in real time.
Secure ransomware attack surface
Secure ransomware attack surface
Restrict attackers’ access and mobility inside the data center and across multi-cloud environments by applying granular movement control across north-south and east-west traffic using a combination of physical and virtual firewalls.
Automated threat mitigation
Automated threat mitigation
Discover threats and malicious activity, block threats in real-time, and automatically isolate infected systems to minimize hospital operational disruption and prevent data loss.
Success Stories
“If that submarine only has 3 big doors internal to its hull then if a weld were to fail or a torpedo succeeded in an attack, the entire ship would flood and sink. Conversely if the submarine is constructed to be water tight with many isolation points and a constant vigilance on closing each bulkhead as it is transited then when something goes wrong, not if, the ship will suffer but it will stay afloat. Which is obviously critical in submarine terms and is equally applicable in the digital space.”
Dr. Chase Cunningham
Zero Trust Isolation Unleashed
The Unleashed ebook is for anyone who wants to learn about agentless segmentation in depth, understanding how Zero Trust Isolation features truly work.
Ready to see us in actionReady to see us in actionReady to see us in actionReady to see us in action
Ready to see us in action?
Prevent lateral threat movement and stop ransomware propagation by ringfencing every endpoint. Protect high value assets and mission critical infrastructure.