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Secure Access for Critical Assets

Safeguard every critical asset with secure least privileged access

Authenticate Everything

Protect individual devices and entire ICS network levels with secure access

Extend MFA

Protect every type of asset with MFA, including legacy machines


Ensure secure access for engineering partners and fully secured remote support


Keep or replace existing VPN infrastructure to lower VPN sprawl


Single solution for IT/OT with integrated microsegmentation, secure access, and incident response

MFA Everywhere – Even for Old Windows Machines

Extend SSO/MFA protection to every critical asset, including hard to protect legacy servers so common in OT environments

Secure Engineering Partners and Support Access

Access to ICS and OT systems by Engineering partners for remote support is commonplace, and you need dedicated authentication before granting access. Welcome to Airgap Secure Access for Critical Assets.

Non-Disruptive Deployment

Standard based technology - 100% compatible with enterprise footprint – no agents, no IP changes, and easy deployment. Phased deployment and pay-as-you-grow.

We went from the first meeting, to becoming a customer, to microsegmenting our entire footprint in just under a week. That is unheard of.

Guido Solares,
Director, Information Security and Compliance, Tillys