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Ransomware Protection

Agentlessly stop threats instantly in all locations with zero false-positives.

Legacy firewall with perimeter protection and static access policies solutions cannot effectively stop the advanced ransomware attacks. Traditional network and endpoint security with agents simply cannot keep the pace with the evolving distributed threats. IT leaders cannot rely on agent-based signatures for hybrid workforce to stop ransomware evasion and propagation.

Eliminate threat movement with Zero Trust ringfencing

Don’t let one device bring your whole network down. To stay ahead of adversaries and threats, you need zero trust containment to lock down unknown threats as soon as devices are discovered.

Assume breaches by ringfencing every managed or unmanaged devices automatically and consistently. Targeted attacks never stop with one attempt at the perimeter. Airgap's patented agentelss zero trust isolation closes security gaps and eliminates patient 0 from infecting other systems by shutting down lateral threat movement and ends exfiltration.

Effectively eliminate ransomware evasion with zero trust

Modern targeted attacks has already infected hosts across your network by the time when they are detected. Airgap's patented agentless zero trust isolation technology contains malware intents from the network core without exception and stops lateral movement. Continuous inline and agentless approach is the only way to provide unprecedented visibility and control to stop exploits from leading to ransomware breaches.

Enforcing policies instantly with identity-based segmentation in all locations. Agentlessly.

It's time to stop writing ACLs to every switch you own. Traditional agent-based solution is not scalable and fell short to keeping policies updated.

Set up the consistent policies in a single SaaS control plane with just a few click at cloud-scale before or after an ransomware incident has occurred.

Airgap's identity-based agentless segmentation supports leading SSO MFA with Zero Trust in mind to prevent lateral movement.

Airgap Ransomware Kill Switch Solution Brief

Airgap’s Ransomware Kill Switch™ is the industry's only software switch that can stop ransomware propagation instantly. See the Ransomware Kill Switch Solution Brief for more details.

Contact us today to learn how Airgap can surgically and easily identify systems at risk and blocks ransomware to keep your operations safe.