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Ransomware Early Detection™

Monitor, Detect, and Isolate with Zero Trust.

Detect Ransomware IOCs with confidence. Isolate all endpoints with granular segmentation, and prevent ransomware spread with surgical precision.

Organizations are lacking visibility and the ability to detect and respond to malicious events. Airgap Ransomware Early Detection can monitor, detect, and isolate malicious behavior with instant IOC alerts.

Airgap's cloud-based threat detection engine uses machine learning to detect when a device is operating outside of its normal “known good” baseline. With the historical threat intelligence and attack characteristics that are mapped from MITRE ATT&CK® framework. Airgap's Zero Trust Isolation™ platform can fortify your networks all the way from pre-emptive detection to actionable threat containment.

Ransomware at a Glance

According to Microsoft, 96.88 percent of all ransomware infections take under four hours to successfully infiltrate their target.

Ransomware is involved in 10% of all breach events (2021 Verizon DBIR)

Ransomware attackers target remote employees using potentially vulnerable remote access services like Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) services.

Ransomware attacks are estimated to cost over 1 billion dollars annually

Average downtime from a ransomware event is 23 days

Direct ransomware average cost of attack for a small business paying the ransom is $713,000.

The highest ransom paid by an insurance company was $40M

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Detect Ransomware Behaviors


SMB lateral movement


Ransomware file encryption


Malicious access patterns


Deviations from baseline behaviors

ransomware early detectionransomware early detection
To assess actual detection from baseline and provide full visibility into your designated network to enforce zero trust security policies. Be the first to see any IOC in your environment and place the preventative and detective controls so your organization identifies more comprehensively against potential weaknesses and throttle security controls more productively.
ransomware early detectionransomware early detection