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Ransomware Response Readiness(R3S) Subscription

Ransomware Response Readiness Service and Ransomware Kill Switch Solution

Ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent, and few organizations have holistic plans prepared to adequately manage a ransomware attack. When a ransomware attack happens, security teams may only have hours to respond to attackers to minimize the impact to the business. Airgap has partnered with Groupsense to provide AirGap customers with a Ransomware Response Readiness Service (R3S).

During an active ransomware attack, Airgap’s Ransomware Kill Switch solutions enables customers to respond quickly to minimize the damage by isolating infected hosts to resume business operations as quickly as possible to minimize any impacts to business operations.


Successfully minimizing the business impact of ransomware attacks requires a concerted effort between security, network and incident response teams having the right plans and tools in place to remediate quickly to prevent an attack from being successfully implemented.

Integrated into an incident response plan, Airgap’s Ransomware Kill Switch™ was purposefully designed to enable security teams to quickly react to ransomware indicators of compromise. Quick reaction within minutes of a detected ransomware attack enables IR teams to isolate and contain compromised hosts at literally the flip of a switch, preventing lateral movement of attackers and further compromise.

Figure: Unified Kill Chain Lifecycle

GroupSense Ransomware Readiness & Response Service

Airgap Ransomware Kill Switch™️ Policy Enforcement on

GroupSense + Airgap Post-Incident Services & Support

GroupSense Ransomware Readiness & Response Service

Executive readiness strategy session

Ransomware playbook and conditioning

24/7 priority on-call ransomware incident support

Cryptocurrency settlements

Airgap Ransomware Kill Switch™️ Policy Enforcement on

Device Inventory and Cataloging

DEFCON Green-Yellow-Orange-Red policy configuration

Zero Trust Isolation and Ransomware containment

Ransomware Kill Switch™ for Endpoints Integration with EDR Platforms

Rapid containment against Zero-day exploits

NIST CSF compliance mapping

Post exfiltration attack surface control and adaptive security analytics

GroupSense + Airgap Post-Incident Services & Support

Targeted Ransomware Kill Switch Deployment

Ongoing post-incident external threat monitoring

Breach Notification Services

Identity Protection Services for affected individuals

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Subscription Explained

The joint solution delivered by Airgap and Groupsense provides customers the necessary plan and tools to minimize the business impact of a ransomware attack.

Short Intro: The Airgap solution provides customers the tools to implement a proven and standards based incident response plan that enables customers to effectively manage ransomware attacks.

Preventive measures

Post Exfiltration

Ransomware Negotiation

Adaptive incident response plans for ransomware future proofing

Features & Benefits

The joint solution provides:

Understanding risk tolerance and policy mapping to NIST/SANS/MITRE

On-going continuous Ransomware policy review and enforcement

Control blast radius when attacks and ransomware attack surface...

Cohesive actions from threat intel - enforcement - remediation - adaptive readiness

Incident Response and Mitigation on VMware Vulnerabilities CVE-2021-21986 and CVE-2021-21985

Airgap Incident Response Lifecycle for Ransomware Readiness

Airgap and GroupSense Joint Press Release