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Zero Trust Isolation Platform

Zero Trust Isolation platform designed to contain, profile and stop lateral threat movement across any organization.

Protect Against Cyber Warfare with Zero Trust Isolation
There is no way to know when and where a cyber-attack will occur but deploying a Zero Trust Isolation platform can ensure that if you are attacked that you have a solution that will immediately reduce your attack surface down to the infected endpoint in a matter of seconds.

Business Needs

Zero Trust Compliance, Ransomware Defense, and Rapid Incident Response

Assume breach. Isolate every endpoint.

Enforce inter and intra-VLAN policies using autonomous profiling and grouping to stop lateral threat movement. Start your journey towards Zero Trust Compliance.

Implement robust ransomware defense

Implement controls to prevent ransomware spread by quarantining any infected system from any shared network at any time.

Handle imminent ransomware threats with grace

Implement industry’s first Ransomware Kill Switch™ that stops ransomware spread and reduces the attack surface.
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Use Cases

Migrating Fortune 500 manufacturing to modern agentless segmentation

Find out why static access controls can not keep up with the speed of attacks and why Airgap’s zero trust isolation can stop ransomware threats in its tracks
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How it works

Zero Trust Isolation with Ransomware Kill Switch(TM)

Segment every endpoint

The basic flaw in traditional network design is the notion of a shared network. A single infected device can propagate ransomware across a network in a matter of seconds, shutting down an organization

"Airgap’s Zero Trust Isolation platform protects against ransomware spread by segmenting every endpoint to stop lateral threat movement.

How it works?

Implement Zero Trust Isolation for workforce, workloads, devices, networks and data



Zero Trust Isolation provides visibility for all traffic flows, including authorized and unauthorized communications, between all devices in a shared VLAN.
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Ransomware Kill Switch

Zero Trust Isolation also enables the Ransomware Kill Switch, which instantly shuts down all lateral traffic when ransomware is detected on the network.
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Autonomous Policy Framework

Zero Trust Isolation auto-enforces business policies as devices enter and leave the network with autonomous policy controls.
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Secure Asset Access

Airgap’s Zero Trust Isolation platform reduces the attack surface by eliminating network-level access to high-value assets and adds an additional layer of security with mandatory SSO and MFA authentication for access to the organization's critical assets.
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Zero Trust Isolation Unleashed
The Unleashed ebook is for anyone who wants to learn about agentless segmentation in depth, understanding how Zero Trust Isolation features truly work.
Ready to see us in actionReady to see us in action
Ready to see us in action?
Prevent lateral threat movement and stop ransomware propagation by ringfencing every endpoint. Protect high value assets and mission critical infrastructure.
Ready to see us in actionReady to see us in action