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Agentless Network Access Control

Gain Full Visibility and Control of Your Network

Comply with security regulations ISO 27001/2 by seeing and controlling which devices are allowed on your network. Automatically log all IT/OT/IOT devices agentless and enforce access policies per identities and contexts.

All elements of ISO 270001/2 covering management and organization of information, restriction and access control, monitoring and lines of responsibility are provided in the SaaS platform.

Safeguard Digital Pathways

Airgap Zero Trust Isolation Gateway serves as the new default gateway for the assigned VLAN and safeguards logically between L2 Network Switch and the existing default gateway.

Seamless cloud-scale deployment

The cloud-scale and carrier-grade Airgap gateway appliances, available in physical or virtual, are connected to a core/aggregation switch to protect VLANs and require no change to your existing network or any infrastructure.

Native NAC and Identity-Based Segmentation

NAC and identity-based segmentation are integral parts of the Airgap ZTI platform that allow device registration via GUI or API automation.

Access control policies are granted to the known devices

Default quarantine/disable-all access to the devices with unknown MAC addresses

All inbound and outbound access to quarantined MAC is blocked

Detect and contain the network level anomalies and malicious behavior

Contiguous and Autonomous NAC Policies

The platform provides dynamic segmentation and lateral movement protection with automated continuous device profiling, monitoring, and inventory update. Zero Trust NAC policies are updated and enforced based on the group memberships.

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