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Kaseya VSA Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware shouldn’t be the scourge that it is. This is a solvable problem, or at the very least one that we know how to manage and limits it's spread.  No organization has an excuse anymore with today's security solutions to get ripped by these attacks.

Dr. Chase Cunningham

Kaseya Ransomware Attack and Incident Response with Ransomware Kill Switch

The hackers targeted Kaseya’s virtual systems/server administrator (VSA), a type of software that large companies and technology-service providers use to manage and send out software updates to systems on computer networks. The hacks are caused by cybercriminals who acquired…

Ransomware: When Defenses Fail, What Then?

A widely held but mistaken belief is that your actions when you are under a Ransomware attack define your success. Reality is different, and that’s why so many organizations fall victim to a crime that’s on the rise both in terms of number of occurrences, but also in severity. It’s very often the plans, mitigation measures and risk reduction techniques you set up ahead of time that increase your business’ likelihood of combating ransomware attacks.

The Ransomware Kill Switch™ is literally a way to stop the propagation of ransomware and essentially reduces the blast radius. This “1-click” kill switch instantly blocks all lateral data paths

Ritesh Agrawal
Ransomware Kill Switch NIST Mapping
Ransomware Kill Switch Solution Brief
Ransomware Readiness Playbook

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