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GroupSense and Airgap Partnership Helps Companies Prepare for and Defend Against Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware Response Readiness Service Combined with Ransomware Kill Switch Technology Provides Resilience Against Attacks

Arlington, Va. and Santa Clara, Calif. – July 28, 2021GroupSense, a digital risk protection services company, and Airgap, a cybersecurity provider of the industry’s first agentless Ransomware Kill Switch™, today announced a partnership to help customers prepare for and defend against ransomware attacks. By combining GroupSense’s Ransomware Response Readiness Subscription (R³S) service offering with Airgap’s Ransomware Kill Switch™ annual SaaS subscription, customers can microsegment their networks to automatically prevent the spread of ransomware during the incident mitigation lifecycle, prepare the business for how best to respond should there be an incident and have on-call negotiators who can make a settlement payment if necessary.

GroupSense’s R³S service offering is backed by the company’s cyber intelligence team of ransomware experts and provides three core functions: an executive strategy session, ransomware playbook that includes business, legal and finance stakeholders; and 24/7 priority on call ransomware incident support with negotiations and cryptocurrency settlements. Airgap’s Ransomware Kill Switch is built on the company’s Zero Trust Isolation platform and provides a one-click switch that instantly blocks all lateral data paths – usually reducing the attack surface to a single endpoint. The solution also helps companies with post-exfiltration attack surface control and adaptive security reporting. Together, the partnership delivers a unique prevention, containment and recovery solution that compliments existing security and incident response functions, helping organizations reduce their risk from ransomware.

“Defending against and mitigating the damage from attacks has never been more critical as the ransomware epidemic continues to rage,” said Airgap CEO Ritesh Agrawal. “By joining forces with GroupSense, we’re providing customers with a powerful, one-click solution for ransomware mitigation and response, including the technical capability to kill the spread of ransomware instantly.”

GroupSense has deep expertise in ransomware attacks and can provide clients with intelligence across the entire ransomware kill chain – identifying when unauthorized access to the network is established, the threat actors involved, how far they’ve progressed in their exploitation and how best to either stop or resolve the attack. In addition, the company can provide post-incident monitoring and breach notification services.

A pioneer in Ransomware Negotiation Services, GroupSense is able to guide clients through an incident, significantly reduce ransom amounts and recover data. GroupSense also provides preventative external threat monitoring with its Digital Risk Protection Services, post-incident monitoring and breach notification services.

“Many companies think they’re prepared for a ransomware attack because they have an incident response plan, but that is just a false sense of security,” said Kurtis Minder, co-founder and CEO of GroupSense. “Ransomware cases involve many non-IT stakeholders and require a response playbook so companies know exactly what protocol to follow, as well as the technologies required to thwart any incoming attacks. That is why our partnership with Airgap is so important, because it combines these two key prevention areas for our customers, giving them the best protection possible against ransomware attacks.”

To learn more about the partnership, visit https://airgap.io/r3s or visit Airgap’s booth (IC34) at Black Hat USA Innovation City to speak with Airgap and GroupSense executives. For members of the media and analyst communities that would like to book a meeting at the conference or virtually, please contact [email protected].

About GroupSense

GroupSense is a ransomware readiness and digital risk protection service provider that alerts and defends organizations when cyber criminals are targeting them, their data has been stolen or exposed, or their partners or people may have caused a cyber vulnerability. GroupSense alleviates the costs and complications of companies doing these services themselves, which would entail hiring specialized staff and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on software. GroupSense becomes an extension of a company’s executive, security, fraud and risk management teams. In addition to proactive monitoring, GroupSense provides preventative threat assessments and incident support services, such as intelligence on threat actors, ransomware and extortion negotiations and settlements, and breach notification and identity protection services.

About Airgap

Airgap provides the agentless Anti-Ransomware platform to stop the spread of malware in enterprise networks. Our industry’s first Ransomware Kill Switch™ locks down your most critical network assets at the first indication of compromise with complete control and policy enforcement over the device-to-device and device-to-application communication. For more information, contact [email protected].

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Airgap helps implement comprehensive Zero Trust in minutes without the need for agents, APIs, or forklift upgrades. The patent pending Zero Trust Isolation™ platform assures threat propagation protection.

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