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Embracing a Zero Trust Security Model

Achieving Zero Trust Initiatives

Federal, state, and local governments and agencies are on a mission to make public services more accessible, efficient, and secure. Airgap’s Agentless Zero Trust Isolation platform is engineered from the ground up to continuously and consistently identify all users, devices, and applications regardless of their location. Subscribers accrue a wealth of benefits:

Modernized legacy system access at scale

Reduced fraud and data risk with identity segmentation anywhere

Powerful use cases for digital transformation in any cloud

Mapping of NIST 800-53

Zero Trust Architecture with NIST 800-207

Relying on a perimeter-based legacy network solution is no longer an effective answer for securing your heterogeneous workloads for anywhere workforce. Airgap maps core logical components to the Zero Trust architecture’s policy decision point, engine, administrator and enforcement module in a single security platform.

Preserve Flexible Work Post-Pandemic with enhanced identity governance

This expansion of remote work as a long-term strategy for federal, state and local government workers means even more significant outcomes in terms of productivity, cost savings, operational consistency, and security emergency preparedness. Airgap delivers identity-based and context-driven access polices in real time for every workder, device, and asset from everywhere.

Software-defined network infrastructure in minutes, not months or years.

Built-in software-defined perimeter with agentless Zero Trust from the ground up fixes the fundamental flaws of implicit trusts and eliminates excessive trust hazards into your networks.

Agentless Zero Trust Segmentation

In adopting remote work, agencies will have to figure out the best way to track security performance and ensure rapid response per threat levels among employees working remotely

As the first hop in the network, Airgap's Zero Trust Isolation platform agentlessly enforces every lateral workload communications with least privilege and just-in-time access.