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A Better Way to “Cloud Access”

Secure access to cloud is broken. By now, you must already know that the traditional VPNs are the weakest links when it comes to secure access into your mission critical infrastructure. This is due to two fundamental flaws.

VPN aka virtual private network, as it suggests, provides a virtual network extension over a secure link. That means, if the endpoint that is connecting over the VPN, is compromised, an attacker can gain secure access your infrastructure.

Once insider your network, the intruder now has the license to roam within the subnet/VLAN and, unless you have an error free setup, perhaps the intruder has the license to roam across the enterprise.

Watch the on-demand virual event to hear
  • What you need is a combination of modern Secure Access technology coupled with an agentless micro-segmentation solution and a potent incident response tool.
  • This will be the focus of our session. In this session, you’d learn how to
    • Provision agentless segmentation at scale across your organization for all your assets – TV, Toaster, Laptops, VMs, Servers, and even containers
    • Gain end-to-end visibility and control for all traffic
    • Secure high value assets distributed across your organization
    • Deploy a Ransomware Kill Switch™ that prevents ransomware spread
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Watch the on-demand virtual event