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2022 Ransomware Barometer

High profile breaches such as Solar Winds, Colonial Pipeline and Kaseya attacks introduced major economic and security impacts in 2021. Since it is only January, we are just starting to learn of some alarming statistics that certainly will trend in 2022. It’s worrysome that critical infrastructure and supply chains security weaknesses are now targeted and exploited by adversaries at higher rates than in the past. Download this report to learn how we can bolster and fortify with zero trust end-to-end segmentation for your networks and applications.

About Airgap Networks
  • Airgap is the only vendor that offers an agentless segmentation solution that protects your organization against ransomware threats. Airgap's "Ransomware Kill Switch" is the most potent ransomware response for the IT organization. And, Airgap’s Zero Trust access controls protect enterprise’s high value assets against cyber threats. Proven and specially designed to protect Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Critical Infrastructure, Airgap Security Platform is the easiest to implement and manage.
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