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Modern Remote ITSM Workforce

Traditional ITSM practices are hindering product teams' ability to deliver rapid change. A modern approach to ITSM will empower DevOps, security and product teams to maintain autonomy while ensuring operational governance. Gartner says "the governance of ITSM practices must change from the traditional 'command and control' model to one of 'trust and verify.'"

Secure Asset Access delivers the governance and control needed with “Just-in-time” access with MFA SSO into SSH or RDP application without any implicit trust even they are the system super administrators.

  • Seemingly in the blink of an eye, the pandemic changed everything: how we worked and how we managed enterprise workloads. Projects, that under “normal” conditions would have required years, were completed in mere weeks. Business models that had been dependent on ‘in-person’ operation successfully pivoted to digital delivery. And customers ultimately adapted and found businesses that could satisfy their demands gracefully throughout the outbreak. From the first conversation to finalizing the proof of validation, the Accton IT team rolled out Airgap Secure Asset Access™ (SAA) in just a matter of weeks.
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