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Financial Services

Not Your Old Micro-Segmentation. Simplifying Zero Trust Workload Protection for Any Financial Institutions.

Consistent protection, reduced complexity

Why financial services choose Airgap

Financial institutions are prime targets for ransomware attacks and other security breaches to the vast quantities of critical customer and employee data they possess. To defend against these threats, banks, credit unions, investment companies and fund managers must implement zero trust protocols to keep intruders out of their corporate networks.

Stop lateral threat movement

Airgap’s agentless zero trust workload segmentation protects mission-critical assets and compliance-sensitive data from unauthorized internal or external access. Our browser workload isolation matrix eliminates enterprise dependency on VPN and RDP network access. The Airgap platform enforces SSO MFA for just-in-time anywhere access verification and minimizes an organization’s attack surface by shutting down and instantly containing infected nodes.

Zero Complexity. No Hairbrained Policy-Pinning

Cloud-First; Cloud-Ready

Enable cloud-first digital transformation with dynamic cloud routing for consistent security controls and zero trust policy enforcement for any cloud.

One Platform – Agentless and Cloud-agnostic

As financial technology becomes increasingly sophisticated and ubiquitous, so too do the risks posted by cybercrime, increased regulation like SOX, GLBA, and PCI DSS, and increasing demands for least-privileged data access, stringent security controls and granular segmentation.

Automated threat protection

Discover threats and malicious activity, block threats in real-time, and automatically isolate infected hosts to minimize business disruption and prevent data loss.

Real-time incident response

Airgap’s agentless segmentation for network and workload segmentation enables financial institutions to achieve Zero Trust microsegmentation without resorting to forklift upgrades while preserving existing network security investment.

Protect critical assets from unauthorized internal or external access with the DEF-CON style Ransomware Kill Switch. Stop cyberattacks in progress while maintaining strong priority and compliance postures as business needs scale and evolve.