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Black Hat 2021 USA

Mandalay Bay / Las Vegas On-Site Innovation City Booth 34 + Virtual

Aug 3 - Aug 5, 2021

Join Airgap at Black Hat USA 2021

Ransomware is one of the most dangerous threats to organizations. Servers, laptops, and mobile devices are becoming increasingly complex to secure, especially with the surge in remote work.

These attacks typically begin by penetrating the network through stolen credentials and remote access malware. Then they spread through enterprises like wildfire. How do you halt the speed of ransomware propagation? Meet our team at Black Hat USA 2021 Innovation City (IC) Booth 34. Learn how the automated Ransomware Kill Switch™ can control the Ransomware attack surface in real-time and shore up your security posture with Zero Trust Isolation.

Theater Session / Webinar

Cyber Insurance and Ransomware Incident Response: Are You Covered?

There has never been a brighter spotlight on the societal scourge of ransomware than over the past couple of months. From gasoline shortage to disrupted healthcare IT, we are seeing an international uproar for governments and industry to do more and hold cybercriminals accountable.

Join us to hear from a distinguished panel of experts in Cyber Insurance, Ransomware Investigation, Incident Response, and Solution Remediation to learn the 1-2-3 action steps you need to take now to be prepared for when (not IF) you are hit by Ransomware attacks.

August 4 2021 1PM PST

On-Site Interview




Aug 4 2021


Introducing Ransomware Kill Switch™ + Demo
Jeff McDaniel


Ransomware Kill Switch™ in Digital Risk Protection Services
Ritesh Agrawal and Kurtis Minder


Automated Ransomware Kill Switch™ Use Case Demo
Jeff McDaniel

Aug 5, 2021


Introducing Agentless Zero Trust Network Segmentation
Ritesh Agrawal and Dr. Chase Cunningham


Ransomware Kill Switch™: What is your “Cyber Hygiene”?
Ritesh Agrawal and Sidd Gavirneni


3 Key Ingredients for Endpoint Resilience

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Airgap helps implement comprehensive Zero Trust in minutes without the need for agents, APIs, or forklift upgrades. The patent pending Zero Trust Isolation™ platform assures threat propagation protection.

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