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Ransomware Kill Switch for Endpoints

Secure Together: CrowdStrike + Airgap

Ransomware Kill Switch™ for Endpoints adapts the Zero-Trust design principle and delivers autonomous ringfencing or containment on Ransomware-infected endpoints in real-time to stop lateral propagation between endpoints. The agentless cloud-based SaaS deployment leverages existing endpoint host firewalls to enforce security on endpoints.

Agentless. Zero Trust.

Automated Ransomware Kill Switch

Endpoint to Enterprise Visibility and Control

Cloud-delivered. SaaS On Demand.

Stop lateral Movement per Risk Severity

Adaptive policy learning against Zero Day Exploits

Integration with Falcon Firewall

Extends the Airgap Zero Trust Isolation™ policies to remote managed endpoints via CrowdStrike® Firewall Management

Enforces strong inbound access on the endpoints via Falcon agent

Learn the current behavior, provide visibility and assist in creating endpoint firewall policies

Consistent policies for managed, unmanaged, on-premise & off-premise endpoints

Integration with CrowdStrike Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA)

CrowdStrike® Falcon Zero Trust Assessment is continuous real-time security posture score

Autonomous grouping of endpoints based on the CrowdStrike ZTA

Enforce Airgap Zero Trust Isolation policies and conditional access to network & apps

Automated policy and Ransomware Kill Switch enforcement based on the ZTA score changes

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