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Critical Infrastructure

Eliminate Attack Surface with Zero False Positives. 24/7 Simplified.

The number and complexity of mission-critical applications and systems increase as organizations adopt the Zero-Trust, cloud-based application delivery practices to support the growing trend of the anywhere workforce. Airgap’s Agentless Zero Trust Isolation platform analyzes and secures your data and workload needs, simplifying them with an enterprise-wide, context-aware authentication model. On-demand visibility and Zero Trust controls transform security across a wide range of industries:



Financial Services



Energy & Utilities


Industry’s Security Compliance & Audits

Know your security posture from the core

To meet industry-specific security requirements, you need to take the guesswork out of 24/7 ransomware protection and other threat mitigation efforts. Real-time visibility, OT/IT/IOT workload segmentation, least-privileged & just-in-time (JIT) access, adaptive incident response and breach containment must work together to protect critical workloads at scale and provide intuitive, high-availability deployment and SOC log extensibility.

Assume breach. Minimize opportunities for attack

Airgap "Assume Breach" approach limits the trust placed in applications, services, identities and networks by treating them all, internal and external, as not secure and already compromised. Airgap’s identity-based agentless segmentation is the only solution from the core to see and throttle north-south and east-west communications without displacing your existing investments.

Automated threat protection without zero false positives

Contain threats and malicious activity with zero false positives before they do serious damage. Block threats in real-time, and automatically isolate infected hosts, minimize catastrophic disruption, and prevent the loss of critical data with our patented powerful stop switch against increases in alert severity.

Automated Ransomware Defense - Stop Ransomware in Its Tracks

Stop ransomware propagation with a comprehensive Zero Trust segmentation solution.