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Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack: Everything you need to know


The Colonial Pipeline Hack Is a new extreme for Ransomware. How you can start adopting zero trust architecture and confine ransomware’s damage?

Ransomware Kill Switch™

Ransomware Kill Switch sharply reduces the “blast radius” of an attack, usually to a single endpoint! Once your incident response team remediates the attack, the network is normalized by again flipping the “1-click” switch.

"I Am Zero Trust" Live Stream at RSAC 2021

Industry 4.0 is forcing IT and OT to integrate. Colonial Pipeline Darkside Ransomware attacks bring our attention to IT/OT convergence and device proliferation of remote access to OT in manufacturing energy and utilities companies.

Ransomware shouldn't be the scourge that it is. This is a solvable problem, or at the very least one that we know how to manage and limits its spread. No organization has an excuse anymore with today's security solutions to get ripped by these attacks.

Dr. Chase Cunningham

Ransomware Battleground

Ransomware Battleground discusses the latest Ransomware tactics and variants. The webcasts are available at Airgap’s BrightTALK channel.

For Colonial Pipeline #Darkside Ransomware as a Service (RaaS), we feature the episodes on Big Game Hunting, Ransomware as a Service and Ransomware Tactics.

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