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Design and develop automation test frameworks and test suites to test Airgap products for reliability, scalability and resilience.

Planning and execution of test suites for each release.

Design and develop innovative test strategies to simulate customer usage scenarios.

Integrate regression test suites with CI/CD pipelines and monitor results.

Work closely with product managers, developers and engineering teams towards continuous delivery of high-quality software.


3 to 8+ years QA/Test development experience with Network and Security products

CCNA or equivalent knowledge and experience

Experience working with RESTful APIs, RBAC authentication and authorization and JWT processing.

Proficient in Python programming and test frameworks such as Unittest or PyUnit.

Experience with writing Selenium scripts in Python is desirable.

Experience with testing on cloud-based architectures.

Experience with testing on VM and container-based deployments.

Familiar with Agile development and testing process and environment


Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computer Science or similar field 

3 to 8+ years of software development/testing experience.

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