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The job involves designing innovative and high performing software security solutions for enterprise ransomware protection. The candidate should be able to leverage a combination of off-the-shelf traffic analysis tools and custom code developed in-house to implement network security solutions.

The candidate is expected to work closely with the Platform, Routing and UI/Backend teams to ensure that policy enforcement and traffic visualization are consistent and represented in a meaningful manner.


3 to 10+ years software development experience in networking and security including L2/L3 switching and routing, firewall policy enforcement, secure encryption technologies and traffic analysis.

Experience in developing software for VMWare ESX, KVM or Hyper-V.

Experience with Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) and implementation of fine-grained Mandatory Access Controls is a plus.

Good understanding of current network security technologies including but not limited to ARP spoofing, Port/Vulnerability Scanning, IP tables, ARP Tables, Linux Kernel Net filter, traffic analysis with Bro and Zeek, SIEM Engines such as ELK and Splunk.

Good understanding of VPNs, Data Loss Prevention, IDS/IPS, Web proxies and Zero Trust SDP/ZTNA solutions. Knowledge of cryptographic techniques such as commonly deployed ciphers, hash functions and asymmetric cryptography is a plus.

Good understanding of ELK/Splunk Analytics platform and other proprietary tools to identify threats, determine root causes and design protection mechanisms.

Ability to work with the Linux kernel TCP/IP stack and leverage key open-source technologies is a must.

Minimum 3 to 10+ years of related programming experience required. Python and C programming is a must, Golang programming is a plus.

Strong System Design, Algorithms and Data structures.

Good communication skills and a flexible mindset to work in small, focused teams and adapt products to fit customer needs.


Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computer Science or similar field 

3 to 10+ years of software development experience.

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