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Ransomware Defense Tip of the Week by Ted Harrington

Worried about Ransomware?

By: Ted Harrington - the author of ”Hackable”, keynote speaker, consultant, and podcast host, specializes in penetration testing, secure software development, and related areas of cybersecurity.

Understand 3 things first:

    What do you want to protect? Why is that valuable to your company?

    Who do you want to defend against? What motivates them to attack you? (Hint: it’s not always just to make money, even with ransomware).

    Where will you be attacked? Where does data ingress, egress, or otherwise get accessed? Once you understand these things, you can prioritize where to invest in your security program.

Once you understand these things, you can prioritize where to invest in your security program.

Zero Trust Isolation by Airgap Networks

Enterprises have too much access granted and, once the perimeter is breached, the bad actors are free to roam inside the organization. Deploy Agentless Zero Trust Isolation that eliminates unauthorized communication and confines the bad actors to a single device. Ensure that you protect all assets - managed endpoints and IoTs alike as we all know that ransomware doesn’t discriminate.

Airgap helps implement comprehensive Zero Trust in minutes without the need for agents, APIs, or forklift upgrades. The patent pending Zero Trust Isolation™ platform assures threat propagation protection.

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