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Secure Asset Access

The Security-First Principle with Multi-Layer Defenses

Cybercriminals are leveraging out-of-date remote access solutions and weak authentication protocols like Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol RDP or TeamViewer to infiltrate the enterprise infrastructure. Airgap Secure Asset Access (SAA) practices security-first and zero-trust principles by enforcing the integrated Single Sign-On (SSO) before granting the access to any private applications.

Strong Application Access for Any Workforce

Airgap SAA provides organizations with a secure and seamless solution to safely secure remote users when accessing critical private applications, remote or on premises, without compromising security or the user experience. Airgap’s SAA solution is a virtual appliance that can be flexibly deployed across a wide variety of environments.

Compatible with OpenID Connect and OAuth authentication protocols

Dual (User and Device) trust access control (Airgap & Enterprise specific)

PKI based certificate exchange and strong encryption

Streamlined User Access Experience

SAA connects remote users directly to applications hosted in the private cloud or public cloud, enabling an always-on user remote experience and avoiding backhauling of remote users through a corporate network to access critical applications.

Need based temporary access to authorized apps only

Application network infrastructure hidden from the users

Multiple layers of firewall and access control checks

Any Device, Any Application, and Any Location

Connectivity between remote users, devices and private applications is secured by an end-to-end TLS (v1.3) encrypted tunnel. Built on the principles of zero-trust, SAA policies ensure that remote users are directly connected only to the applications they are authorized to use without excessive trust in granting broad-network-level access.

Cloud hosted and delivered as a SaaS

Support non-Web protocols: SSH, RDP

Works with native OS apps and browsers

Forklift-Free Zero Trust Application Access

Organizations need a solution that can ensure private applications are accessed securely while delivering a frictionless user experience. Airgap’s SAA provides users access to applications, not the network. This protects private applications and other network assets from cybercriminals or risky insiders.

Airgap Secure Asset Access Solution Brief

Protect your organization against breaches due to lost or stolen credentials with strong MFA authentication.


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