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Airgap Honored as the Best Product In Micro-Segmentation

Airgap Networks Inc has won the Global InfoSec Award for 2022 for the Best Product in Micro-segmentation


Airgap Networks (https://airgap.io), the innovative company building solutions for preventing lateral propagation of Ransomware, has won the Global Infosec Award 2022 for the Best Product In Micro-segmentation. The 10th annual Global Infosec Award honored Airgap for its simplicity, ubiquitous visibility, and universal zero-trust enforcement delivered via a Zero Trust Segmentation platform. Airgap has been recognized for its Ransomware Kill Switch™ innovation as judged by a panel of more than 40 distinguished judges from around the world.

The award demonstrates Airgap’s commitment to change the way businesses approach network segmentation, Zero Trust, and IT/OT infrastructure accessibility. Airgap is solving the fundamental architectural issues to deliver Zero Trust imperatives for organizations of all sizes, verticals, and geographies. The award is presented at a ceremony during the RSA Conference 2022 on June 6, 2022 in San Francisco.

Ritesh Agrawal, CEO and Co-founder, Airgap Networks\ “We’re proud to be named as the Winner for the Best Product In Micro-segmentation. This award recognizes our outstanding success and the trust our customers have expressed in technological innovation.”

Network segmentation used to be hard. Thankfully, Airgap has developed an easy button for network segmentation. Modern MFA is fundamental to enterprise security. Airgap can introduce MFA for any transaction ensuring only authorized and authenticated access. The company’s Ransomware Kill Switch™ is an agentless malware-suppression weapon that immediately quarantines “Patient 0” thereby slowing down the spread across the enterprise. This is the most potent ransomware response, a must-have for all enterprises.

“Looking at the history of exploitation and looking at how things go from bad to worse,” said Dr. Chase Cunningham, “Zero Trust security is about being able to apply effective segmentation to the users: identity, access, and privileges. Airgap applies a modern zero trust security mindset in the innovation that is interoperable across all those disparate pieces of infrastructure - in campus network or remote workforce.”

Built from the ground up, Airgap’s superior architecture allows enterprises to start the journey towards universal Zero Trust implementation, modern multifactor authentication (MFA), and network simplification.

Additional Resources

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For CISOs and Network Infrastructure decision makers, RSVP for the first annual Zero Trust Happy Hour at RSAC 2022 hosted by Airgap NetworksAkeyless and Futurecon. John Kindervag, the creator of Zero Trust, and Chase Cunningham, “Dr. Zero Trust” will kick off the happy hour on June 8, 2022.

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About Airgap Networks\ Based in Santa Clara, Calif., Airgap Networks delivers an Agentless Zero Trust Segmentation platform that ringfences every endpoint and prevents ransomware propagation. Airgap’s unique and patented Ransomware Kill Switch™ is the most potent response against ransomware threats. To learn more about Airgap and its offerings, please contact [email protected].